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Re: HPV Not STD No Sex Without Protection

Originally Posted by nageya View Post
This makes sense.

I dunno yet if I have HPV. I just did the test today for the first time ever. My gyno has her suspicions.

But the symptoms that lead her to be suspicious are symptoms I have had since childhood....way before I was sexually active!

I've been searching stuff online about HPV all day, and was super puzzled to find it s an STD.......

No dont get yourself all worked up! When your results come back you'll be fine. Listen, if your gyno has her suspicions, get a second opinion and see what a different gyno says. Whats ******* me off is that the CDC is pushing HPV out to the public as if its some sort of marketing campaign for the big pharmaceutical cartels.
Just think of it, google the term "hpv std no sex" youll find that the top 10 websites are all government owned or .org domains. Reminds me of China's internet. Sorry to go on a rant like that but the point is, is to always be skeptical about what ONE doctor says.

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