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Re: Negative tests, so what is it?

Hello, sorry you sound like your hanging in limbo there & not a fun place to be.

I too have OA & RA a long with Sjogrens.

What I wanted to say is I had a very good friend tell me long ago Rheumatologists will run more blood tests then you could imagine. She is right, they look for & at a lot of different things, much more then your PCP. Of course they have more knowledge & hear these symptoms & deal with this day after day.

I'm on the newer side to the RA doctor but mine made it clear some forms of arthritis can be hard to DX. There are multiple tests involved.

Just a thought but you may want to start some type of journal or diary to take with you a long with any questions you may have.
Some doctors find this very helpful & in any case it could be to you if things progress.

We forget & be able to look back helps.
With me it was much more then just inflammation or joint pain, its exhaustion & brain fog & all that good stuff. I also started to get rashes, but only in the summer when I'm in the sun for any length of time.
So many little things Ive never thought about, but the RA asked & it clicked.

Yet she was looking at Ankylosing Spondylitis when I first went in but tested Positive in every way for RA.

So if anything try to be prepared for this appointment, it will help & you may be surprised.

I hope you have a good Rhuemy, mine said she knew there was something & would not give up, she also said there was no dragging her feet as pain is pain & I was suffering.
Now I tested a couple yrs ago at my PCPs when all my Chronic pain & spinal problems started & it was negative.

So lots to consider.
The best of luck, Sammy