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Re: Bilateral hypofunction

Hi Gregory,

I have just read your message, and although Manybikes is definitely the right person to give you really good advice, I thought I would also give you my support and to let you know that I am also going through a process of adaptation...

I have been suffering from BVL for almost 13 years, but I have actually had "normal years" in between, with no complaints. Only 2 and a half years ago I got worse and have not been able to compensate fully yet. From all the test I have been doing, I have been losing more and more function on both sides (last ones showed zero function on my left side and 30% on the left side), so as my situation is not stable yet, the compensation is more complicated.

So, it is like Manybikes said, we all have different paths and recovery processes, but in time hopefully you can find some relief.

Have you done the tests to find out the situation of your right ear?

Anyway, hopefully you can find some answers and start feeling better soon.

If you have any questions regarding my story, complaints, feel free to ask!

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Hi Manybikes,

First of all, thank you for reading this. I have been reading all your posts and in my darkest moments they have given me the strength to push on.

My name is Gregory, I'm 33 years old and I suspect I have BVL. I have 40% left in my left ear but the right ear is a bit of a mystery since I had a tympanoplasty has a kid.

It all started after a bad cold and mini barotrauma 5 weeks ago where I damaged my good ear. I'm waiting on the rotational test to confirm the extent of the damage on both side but in the meantime I'm experiencing a lot of symptoms you mentioned particularly the visual ones (oscillopsia which I can't really cope with at the moment, blurry vision...).

On top of it I'm experiencing sensitivity to light, colours are brighter than they should be, reduced depth of field perception and increased night blindness.

Just wondering if you have experienced these at some stage and if it gets better?