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Re: Bilateral hypofunction

Hi Uga,

Thanks for your post. And yes, that was what I had previously understood - that it was better to have no inner ear function than having one ear that works, but badly.. So I do wonder why all my doctors and Manybikes believe it is better to have some function left.. I cannot stand the vertigo episodes out of nowhere, the constant dizziness...
so glad you are getting better and better each day

Originally Posted by uga View Post
From my experience, I could not live with vertigo that could strike at anytime or anyplace, I find as I move through this, life without any inner ear function is better than violent vertigo. I feel more in control of my own destiny.

I have not been dizzy since I lost all function, disequilibrium yes, which is improving but not vertigo or never ending dizziness. Of you loose all inner ear function I do not think you can get dizzy, which helps when it comes to riding roller coasters and on a boat, you do not get dizzy or seasick!

I am finding the body and brain I amazing and over time will adapt.