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Worried about height - please help

Hello, im 15 years old (turned 15 on December 21st) and indian. My Parents are 5'10" and 5'4". Currently I am 5'6"-5'7" and weight 125 lbs. Im afraid that im not growing like im supposed to be because most of the boys at school are taller than me. My dad is on the heavier side, and so am i (Sort of, im of good health, i can do exercise well, only a bit of stomach weight and i have Gynacomastea cuz my doctor told me, but i look perfectly healthy). My activity level is moderate and i take a weightlifting class at school. What else can i do to increase my height, i want to be atleast 5'11", my parents say i can cuz my grandpa was 5'7" and all my uncles are over that (5'9.5", 6'0", and my dad @ 5'10"). My uncle who was 6'0" also grew a lil late, but idk if i will grow, i do my best to be physically active but get distracted alot. So what can i do to get taller?

Here is a picture of me taken about a year ago, with my sister (who is about 5'8" and almost 17)

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