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Re: LIS (Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy) Recovery

Hi Tweetums!

It makes me feel better to talk about this with you because it sounds like you completely understand the agony of all of this. Reading your post is almost like reading my own story.  I am so sorry you had a horrific night with acid reflux.  I know sorry doesn't cut it because it was that awful.   I don't know about acid reflex, but I know a whole lot about vomiting, nausea, staying up late with pain and watching movies on Netflix to get me through.   

I take colace twice a day and Miralax daily.  I think it is about time to cut back on Miralax as I had FOUR bowel movements today and expect more before the day is over.  The abdominal discomfort from gas and needing to pass a stool can leave me feeling very sick.  I was so sore that I don't know how I made it to my appointments today.  We (my husband and I) carried 3 pillows to get me through.  There doesn't seem to be a UTI or yeast infection but I do have a rectal infection.  Yikes!  I was told it is rare to get an infection after this type of surgery but I seem to fall into the exception category quite often......I did have blocked bowels for three or four days which may or may not have contributed to the infection.  I was given antibiotics so I hope this will help.  I am super thankful for my colo-rectal surgeon.  He is very sympathetic and gentle with me.  

I can relate to everything you are saying (except the acid reflux-instead it is constant bowel symptoms for me!). Before this catastrophe knocked me down, I was exercising, making healthy dinners at home, trying to conceive a child and was all around healthy. This experience has made my prayer-life stronger as well.  My husband and I have been praying daily and will be sure to include you in our prayers.  No one should have to go through this much pain and torment!  It is truly torture and difficult to describe to people who have never experienced this!  I spend most of my time summing up my experience as "rough" to friends which really doesn't do it justice.

I know what you mean by "pain-soup down below" and not knowing what symptoms go to what.  I just finished with a non-viable pregnancy ( only lasted about two weeks) and I have symptoms from that.  Four months ago,  I had an ectopic (I didn't need surgery for it as it went naturally).  Then the vaginal discharge which may have been coming from the rectum due to the infection.  Trying to explain EVERYTHING to doctors is tough because it has become so complicated and confusing.  I have to discuss all the symptoms to understand which symptom goes with which issue and which person I need to see accordingly. Ugh!

I too get pains from lying down.  I think this hopefully is normal.  I can only lay on my left hand side and after two hours,  my leg feels crushed.  I wake up in the night and can't feel my leg.  I have to move it to get circulation.  Then there are other pains that appeared out of no where in places that made me nervous.  I am going to try and walk like you're doing to get some exercise.  

The cute icons can be obtained by scrolling to the bottom of all our posts and clicking on "post reply." It brings you to a screen in which there are icons to the right hand side of the post field.  I insert an icon every now and then that relates to the topic.  My favorite is the little dizzy face in which the eyes are circling.  Hehe

 It feels good to be able to type to you and distract myself from laying in bed and concentrating on all my symptoms!  I hope I can be a good source of support to help you through this difficult time.   I understand what it feels like to have your life yanked from you.  It is not all bad as I have my husband and my cats near me constantly and I am thankful.  We have been in a hotel now for three weeks for the surgery.  It's hard not being in my own comfort zone but the people here have been very accommodating and have put me in a room with no neighbors.  This is good for both me and others as I don't think people would like random screaming when I have an episode of pain!  

After this experience,  I want to cherish every moment being happy, healthy and loving life!  Not knowing how long this will take to heal is absolutely frightening.  Just getting outside for the first time in two weeks brought me immense joy.

I hope you have a better night and get some relief!  

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