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cut open inside of mouth, how to deal with scarring?

About a week and a half ago I got hit in the face and my tooth cut open the inside of my mouth. The cuts on the upper right lip, just inside the mouth. When it happened I went to the E.R., and after a couple hours of waiting they told me they weren't going to stitch it and let me go. It's now almost completely healed but there's a hard lump under the skin. Its annoying and when my mouth is open the right side of my upper lip looks bigger.

I've tried massaging it a couple times because I heard that was supposed to help. Each time I did it, the lump actually decreased in size by like 50%-70% within 5 minutes (is that normal?) but then over the next couple hours slowly increased back to the original size. Should I keep doing this?

Also, I bought some vitamin E lotion, but I'm hesitant to use it because its the inside of my mouth. The stuff I bought (dermaE Vitamin E UI 12000 cream) is meant as a regular skin lotion. Also, I've heard you can just buy Vitamin E supplement capsules, pop them open, and spread it over the area.

Should I see a doctor? And how much can I expect the scar to decrease and how quickly?

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