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Peripheral neuropathy, neuralgia, vasculitis

I thought I would post information here about what has worked for me. Since 2005 I have been experiencing transient neuralgia, I get hypersensitive skin which moves from one location to another. It feels like a severe sunburn and hurts to the touch. One day it might be on my leg and another it might be my arm or back. Also in 2005 I started getting a form of vasculitis called petechiae, I would get a rash on my abdomen and thighs. In 2008 I began experiencing peripheral neuropathy in my hands, I would get a pins and needle feeling and the slightest bump to my hands would cause extreme pain, it felt like the my hand was being crushed in a vise. I had other symptoms: digestive problems, fatigue, aching joints, Raynaud's, wierd shooting pains in my body, and brain fog. In January 2010 I had a bad attack and was in such severe pain with the neuralgia I insisted that my Dr.s do a complete blood work up to find out what was wrong. I couldn't stand the pain anymore! This is when I found out that my ANA was positive and I was positive for SS-B. My doctor explained it as simply dry eyes and dry mouth, something I wasn't experiencing at the time. She did nothing to treat my symptoms. A couple of months later I went back to get a referral to a rheumatologist and she decided to perscribe Gabapentin which I began to take. I was taking 600 mg three times a day and I was still having neuralgia, the medication was not helping. I hate taking medication and if I can find an alternative I will!

I stopped taking the Gabapentin and after lots of research I began taking SAM-e (400mg daily) which is an amino acid derivitive, along with a B vitamin complex with folic acid. I also went on the Paleo Diet, eliminating all grains, legumes, potatoes, and processed foods. No artificial sweetners, preservatives, or hormones. Basically, if I can grow it, gather it, catch it, or kill it then I can eat it.

I have been doing this for nearly two years and my peripheral neuropathy has not flared up since, neither has my vasculitis. I have occasional mild episodes of neuralgia but nothing like I used to have. I still have fatigue but I just discovered I am hypothyroid so I am not sure if it is overlap or just the thyroid.

Anyway, I hope this helps! I don't know why the SAM-e helps me but it has made a huge difference in my life. One thing about it though - it says if you suffer from bipolar disorder you should not take SAM-e.

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