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Re: Negative tests, so what is it?

Well, now I feel like I'm getting the brush-off from my GP

She said that since my tests were all negative, she doesn't see a need to send me to a rheumatologist or any other specialist. It is just pain from "wear and tear" on my joints from my job. Disregarding the fact that the others at my job don't have this problem and that my symptoms happened very rapidly just this past fall. I went from having only an occasional ache or stressed tendon, to hurting all over, all the time.

She did say she would schedule some kind of nerve test but only for my "carpal tunnel" symptoms.

Other than that, I'm just supposed to keep taking the diclofenac and tramadol and "think about finding a different job".

If jobs were that easy to come by, I wouldn't be in the one I've got. Am I overreacting? I really feel like she's just brushing me off.

What would you all do or think?