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Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix

Yes. I have been meaning to write, but have not had time. I went to Miami 3 weeks ago and had the laser performed. I was told I had really bad internal and external hems with a few skin tags. The laser is legit. Nothing like the horror story's I heard by having them cut out. Don't get me wrong, the 1st 3 days where not fun, but bearable. I felt 50% recovered 5 days out. 75% and went back to work on day 10. 4 of those days were week days though, so only missed 6 days of work. Had surgery on Fri and returned to work the next Monday. Was a little uncomfortable due to still having some drainage and bleeding. Today I am 3 weeks out and i would say 90% recovered. I am doing everything but working out. This is a major improvement from the traditional way of cutting them where you have a 2-4 weeks off of work and 2-3 months to full recovery. I am almost at full recovery at 3 weeks and I had a really really bad case. I am ****** at the lack of attention to this procedure by other surgeons and all of those that say laser is no better. They are nuts! Anyone who has to have this major surgery should get laser. I can't believe more surgeons are not learning how to use the laser, esp since it has been out for over 20 years. This should be a disgrace to the field of colorectal surgeons for not doing more research on this technique in the U.S. Here is the good news: The doctor in Miami was awesome. I liked him a lot and thought he did a great job. He has been using the laser for 25 years or longer. Done 1000's of hemorrhoidectomies with the laser.

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Out of all of the research I did regarding laser, doc's, etc, I can believe I never researched the hospital. Research the hospital review for what other have had to say about this hospital. I would go back to this surgeon in a heartbeat, but he will have to operate at another hospital.