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54 Year Old Male Facelift

I went seeking a neck lift. I had been heavy as a young man and unfortunately developed one of those necks that started at my chin and ended at my chest. Losing weight just made it more jiggly. There was no way my neck line was coming back on it's own. Liposuction would have removed the fat but left me with a great deal of excess skin. I inquired about a direct incision cervioplasty but was told I was too young for that, that the scar up the middle of the neck would be too obvious. I decided on a lower facelift/necklift combination with liposuction and tightening of the neck muscles. Along with a lower blephroplasty to get rid of the fat bags under they eyes.

I had a lower facelift and lower blephroplasty on Tuesday the 14th. I am still swollen around the eyes and cheeks, though the eyes show much improvement. My neck is numb and the area around the stitches is sore. My eyes are watering like you can not believe, making it next to impossible to focus and thus type, read or watch TV. My cheeks look like a chipmunk getting ready for the winter! This is a wait and see game.

I will post my progress as I go along.

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