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Re: Negative tests, so what is it?

You know your body best. NO matter what any test or doctor says period.
Swelling even in the fingers is not normal. I have the same & its grown more & more painful.

This is in no way normal & I'm surprised she would not refer you, as RA is one of many forms of athritis, not to mention other conditions outside arthritis that RAs test for.

Your going to have to become your own advocate & tell her you know something is wrong & its progressing. You really feel the need to see a specialist as it impacting your quality of life here.

A lot of people with RA & different conditions have Carpal Tunnal.
Your not overreacting to be in pain or ache daily is not normal for a 40yr old, this is around the age my problems started also.

I'm a little surprised she is not referring you knowing all the conditions out there. There are a large number of people that test negative also as I'm sure you were already told here.

I'm confused by your PCP. Surely she knows this is not normal & if it was your job you would know it. Somethings progress rapidly & you have no clue whats going on. It wrong of her to play with your health.

Perhaps if you take some type of journal in on days while working & off work.
Be sure to have your worst days & pain, anything that limits your daily activities & Range of motion, quality of life, ect....

Any family history of arthritis, auto immune's, anything? That should be enough to get you an evaluation. You may want to put it like that "I feel something is wrong & would feel much better with an evaluation from an Rheumatologist".

With a patient coming right out & asking it can be harder to ignore, or she may put a time limit on it. If your not doing better or see any progression in so much time you know? Its only been a couple yrs my RA feels Ive had mine, before that was spinal injuries, & I am miserable. I hate to think of anyone suffering when reaching out for help.

Most specialist want a referral so its best to try to get one. If she wont & you continue to feel this way its best to find one who will.
I wish you the best & God bless, Sammy