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Question 12 years and still no diagnosis.. Please help...!!

I am a 25 yr old female and i have a h/o trauma to head about 12 years ago. Since then i have had headaches which as per me were the worst kind of pain i could have had. they grew in frequency and severity with age. Occasionally accompanied by nausea, vomiting and severe mood swings. I was given a diagnosis of migraine along with treatment (Sibelium course for 3 months). Further follow up suggested it not to be migraine. CT and MRI show no apparent signs. I do have an indentation onto my forehead starting above my left eye extending to my head towards the coronal suture. My headaches have become so severe that it feels like my eye is going to bounce out of its socket and i can barely speak sometimes. The crippling episode usually lasts for about a minute or two. Me and other professionals have also noticed what seems to be deepening of the indentation with my pain. I am just looking for an answer as it is still not diagnosed and the pain is so severe that a recent spinal fracture injury pain remained unnoticed by me as m used to a more severe headache...


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