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Horrible Odor, always discharging when going commando. HELP!

For the past, i dont know, maybe 4 months I have been having this awful problem. I'm 17, tested recently negative for all STD's and I haven't had sex with a male since February of 2009. I am now a full fledged lesbian and have been with the same girl for almost 2 years. I noticed this problem at first when i would get out of the shower and then put on sweatpants without underwear. I would within the first five minutes have this milky white discharge literally bubble out of my vagina as if there was air inside it. The majority of the time the discharge smells AWFUL, almost like feces. Other times, it smells normal, but you can smell the horrible smell outside of my jeans (with no known place its coming from!). There is no pain or itching, but its really embarassing and inconveniencing trying to have sex or sit down next to someone when you can clearly smell a horrible odor whenever my legs arent crossed. I use a mild dove soap but I only wash the outer areas of my vagina with it and there is usually a really fishy smell while the soap is on it but as soon as i wash it off, its gone.

I really need some opinions on this or someone who has had the same problem to give me some advice. I am at my wits end with my vagina.

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