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Re: Negative tests, so what is it?

That should be enough to be recommended. Family history & symptoms.
Can you bypass the NP & see the doctor?
You have the exact same family history I have. Not that that means you have RA, just ironic.
The NP knows this?

Yes there are other tests that can be done. Sure sounds like RA but then again I tested negative yrs back also.
Now a whooping positive with other factors.

Good plan, one month document things, journal it or diary. Watch for swelling & stiffness a long with pain.
Any kind of rash? I get one but only from the sun & only the past couple yrs. One of the many questions a Rheumy will ask.

Fever? No fevers here, Exhaustion or just tired more then normal?

There are braces sold at the pharmacy for CT. I wear them as a last resort. They have padding above the thumb & seem to help me at times.

I tested positive for CT after my spinal surgery & the surgeon wanted to rush me over to a hand surgeon. No way. I remember the Physical therapist telling me she has people coming back for therapy after this surgery. She feels the majority of people still have problems.

Remember Carpel Tunnel can be secondary so don't let them go sending you off to another doctor until you see the right one first.

I have a feeling you'll be in a Rheumys before long. Do yourself a favor & start looking for a good one. If you do have need for one you'll want one that you like & have faith in. Trust me there, he or she will become a part of your life.

Let us know how it goes.
God bless, Sammy