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Re: vitamin D deficiency. does that explain my symptoms?

your symptoms sound so much like mine. i haven't had dental issues or cracks in the corners of my mouth, but everything else is spot-on. i am glad you mentioned restless legs, because i forgot about that symptom...i have been having that over the past couple of days. it was happening when i first started feeling bad, but went away and is now coming and going. it feels like a slight vibration/shiver in my thighs/groin, but when i touch my leg, there is no actual tremor...just the internal sensation of it. when i stand up or move around it goes away, or if i can make myself sit still long enough to relax, it will eventually calm down. it was pretty pronounced last night when i went to bed, but i eventually fell asleep and it didn't bother me through the night...this morning, as soon as i got up and moved around, then sat down again, it started up. it's very mild and not painful...just distracting!

how about muscle twitches? had any of those? mine are like when you get a twitch in my eyelid, except stronger and in my arms, legs, and sometimes back. i was having some kind of twitch somewhere in my body at least every 10 seconds for a while, but over the past week, it has improved a lot.