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Re: Esophogeal and Stomach cancer newly diagnosed

My husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer last week. It was found when they did an endoscopy and took biopies. He has had a pet scan and was told that the tumor (malignant) does not look like it has spread outside the stomach. We go on Tues. to have a Cat Scan (with/without dye). This will show things a little more clearly and if cancer has spread to other areas. We are scheduled for surgery on Feb.28. First the surgeon will insert a probe (laproscopic) to look around. If he sees no more cancer and if all the previous tests were correct, he will remove at least 60% of his stomach. However, if he sees more cancer than was shown on tests, he will close up the small incision and send him for chemo. Scary, to say the least. Any of you reading this, have you had your stomach removed. What can we expect after surgery? At this point we are really hopeful that cancer is contained in his stomach and that all he will lose is part of his stomach. Chemo and or radiation may be needed after surgery. It is to be determined.

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