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My mollar and hopes are gone

Im pretty sad because Im 31 years old and I consider myself a young adult. However after several failed attemps, My dentist told me one of my mollars need to extracted, due to cavity complications.

That shocked me. In the first place I always tried to have good hygiene habits and now i feel filthy. To me cavities are disgusting.

I also spent a lot of money on root canal treatments, special fillings, x rays and other measures to save my mollar, all in vain. And the worst part is that I need to have an implant, which costs a lot of money and I dont know what to do.

Im so broke, I think I wont be able to pay to implant and I am scared that that empty space will ruin my smile, or cause my jaw bone to become weaker.

<removed> Im starting to feel very very depressed, and I have trouble sleeping or concentrating or being at peace.

Thanks for reading, I needed to release all the steam....

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