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understanding my mri

Today i got my copy of my mri report in the post and i would be very happy if someone could tell me whats wrong in english lol. I have tried looking up some of the words but am getting confused.

MRI Spine lumbar and sacral:

Standard protocol used.

Loss of normal disc hydration and disc height with a small annular tear seen at l5/s1 level. Conus medullaria is seen normally at L1 level.

No obvious disc bulge seen at L3/L4 level.

At L1/L2 level, there is mild diffuse disc bulge seen along with a small left paracentral disc protrusion component impinging onto the anterior thecal sac.

At L4/L5 level, there is a mild diffuse disc bulge with posterocentral, left paracentral disc protrusion impinging onto the anterior sac, abutting the L5 traversing nerve root. No obvious compression or displacement of the exiting nerve root seen. Bilateral facet joint degenerative changes with ligamentum flavum hypertrophic changes seen.

At L5/S1 level, diffuse disc bulge seen along with posterocentral, left paracentral and left foraminal disc protrusion impinging and compressing upon the left S1 traversing nerve root, abutting the extra-foraminal course of the left L5 exiting nerve root seen. Bilateral ligamentum flavum hypertrophic changes are seen at this level.

IMPRESSION: Spondylotic changes with multilevel disc disease seen, which appears to be most pronounced at L5/S1 level likely to explain for the patient's left sided sciatica.

Thank you for reading

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