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My Story..

I was 18 and a freshman in college. I was at a party with a bunch of my friends on campus.. A guy that I was friends with had been flirting with me all night and I pretty much just ignored it, I told him that we could be friends but I wasnt into him like that.. Around 1:30am he had brought me a drink and apologized for the flirting stating that he knew that I wasnt into men and whatnot, thinking he was just being nice I accepted the drink and drank it (that was my one and only drink of the night as im not a big drinker).. I started dancing with my friends again, a few minutes later I began to not feel so well so I headed upstairs to the bathroom.. He followed me in there and gave me water, me being nieve and not thinking anything of this drank the water.. ( I found out later that the drink had a small amount of GHB in it and the water contained Ketamine)..

The rest of this is what I have been told via his statement, doctors, law enforcement and friends and a small amount of what I can remember and what has been coming back to me.. After drinking the water I remember not feeling well and he suggested that I go lay down (it was a friends house).. He carried me into a bedroom on the second floor, all the way in the back of the house where no one would hear me or even think about looking for me... I remember this feeling of being completely aware of what was happening to me but unable to move.. Later I was told that is a common complication of Ketamine, instead of knocking someone out it paralyzes them but they are aware.. He took my clothes off and he raped me.. I remember the pain (the one thing i have always been able to remember), like someone was stabbing me, and I remember crying uncontrollably, I wasnt able to tell him to stop due to the drugs, but I hoped that he would see me crying and that would be enough.

<Removed specific details>

I was told about 30-45 minutes later he returned with two other men. The ketamine was starting to wear off and when one of the other men tried touching me I was able to move my body... I was held down and was touched more.. Eventually I started to fight back as the drugs wore off. Thats when the beating started.. The more I fought back the worse it was. I

<removed details>

My friends found me a little while later passed out, naked, with a lot of blood everywhere.. They called 911. The next thing I remember is waking up in a lot of pain in the emergency room at around 6am. I was filled in with what happened to me, told I was given a head CT and I had a concussion, along with a lot of trauma to my body.. They informed me that they needed to do a rape kit but needed my permission to do so, and when they were finished they needed to fix the tears, they told me a plastic surgeon would be doing it to put things back together the best they could be, he also did the stitches in my face and head..

I spent about 4 weeks in the hospital. The first week was for observation from my injuries and the other three were because I kept having massive panic attacks that I wasnt able to calm myself down from and had to be medicated. While I was in the hospital I found out that I was pregnant and had to make the horrible decision to end the pregnancy due to the circumstances. My partener has been noting but amazing throughout this entire thing, she stayed with me in the hospital and never left my side.. We had only been together about 6 months when this happened, we are still together and its been 6 years. It took me a good year year and a half to let her touch my body in a sexual way


Its been 6 years and my life is finally getting back to normal. I have been diagnosed with severe PTSD and anxiety disorders. I suffer from pain during sex due to scar tissue.. My partener and I got married about a year and a half ago and want to start a family but are having a hard time due to the trauma as she isnt able to carry a baby due to having issues with ovarian cysts... This is something that affects my life daily..

The boys who commited my rape got served with 25-life year sentences for premeditated rape with intent to do great bodily harm, and a charge for assult with great bodily harm less than murder.. They also got a conviction for a hate crime.

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