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Re: LIS (Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy) Recovery

Hi Tweetums!

My last post should have been sent a few days ago!  I thought it was sent and realized yesterday that it was sitting on my iPad and never went through due to the reception.  

I have been on the antibiotics now for about 4 days and it is seriously unbearable.  I have constant nausea and everything tastes bad.  I have to be on these horrid things for 3 more days.  I hope and pray that I don't need to be on these for another week as I am just not strong enough to combat the nausea.  I'm not going to stop because this nasty infection has to go away and I can't have the culprits building a resistance.  They must DIE!  Lol. Don't they understand that I have been through enough?

My husband and I have been praying for a speedy recovery for both you and I at night before bedtime.  This is so AWFUL and that is putting it lightly.  I am glad your symptoms from the antibiotics are subsiding and I am looking forward to getting off the antibiotics myself.  I'm trying to be strong. Trying...

Are you having any kind of discharge?  Besides the infection grossness,  I still have fecal discharge after a BM and occasional blood.  It is subsiding though very slowly!  I still can't believe I fall into the "rare rectal infection" category.  I understand how difficult it is to find a good crs.  When going through the pain of an anal fissure,  I spoke to a few insensitive colo-rectal surgeons that made my jaw drop.  I finally drove 6 hours to see a crs who I believe to be another hero in my life.  I know my recovery will be rocky but I do greatly respect my crs and can't say enough good things about him.  I am really happy that you found a crs that you like as well.  We need supportive doctors while going through this.

I will keep you in my thoughts and hope your check up on Tuesday reveals that you are healing well.  The stitch hopefully won't be in issue because it has been there awhile now.  I hope it didn't cause any pain.  I still don't know what is going on with mine.I guess they should be dissolved by now. It is an area of the body I never really paid much attention to.Now, it is all I focus on.  I yearn for the day that it is healed. This experience has changed me and I will never be the same.  I get excited to go outside and will be going for a car ride with my husband today for the third time in 2.5 weeks.  

I used to love baths and now they are a constant reminder of a medical issue with my rectal area.  I don't enjoy them any more and they stopped giving me comfort.  For some reason, I fall into a small percentage of people in which baths actually aggravate the area.  My husband and I seem to have a similar routine to you and your husband with the peri-bottle.  I LOVE my peri-bottle.  Showers would be soothing but the hotel shower is rough.  The water comes down hard so it isn't an option for me.

The mention of riding a bike makes me cringe!My husband made a comment back before my surgery about getting bikes and I don't think I'll ever ride a bike again as I will always live in fear of the evil fissure that ripped away my life and the reminder that I never want to go back.  I don't understand why humans don't have stronger rectums.Mine seems rather fragile.  I wish I could hibernate until the area is completely healed.

It is a pleasure speaking to you.  I feel like we have been through a similar ordeal and it really helps get me through. I just know if we lived in the same city, I would enjoy your company!  We can bond over our rectal problems!  LOL I think things happen for a reason.  Although, I can't think of a good reason for the fissure.  Maybe it was to make a friendship but what a heck of an ordeal to go through to meet a friend!!!!

It looks like there have been more icons added and they added one for us! : LOL

Good luck with your Tuesday appointment.

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