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Re: LIS (Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy) Recovery

Hi, DH -

Thank you (and your husband, too) for your prayers and good wishes for a complete recovery for both of us. You have my prayers and good wishes, as well. --- If I didn't have faith, I think I'd be lost after going through this experience.

I've been a little down today. (Progress, digress, etc.) Yesterday I actually felt a teeny bit better than I do today, even though I'm nowhere near being healed. Today I've had burning and itching down below -- and darn, I guess I was hoping that I had started to turn the corner . . . a little, anyway. Nope. Back to burning and itching.

That said, no, I do not have anything oozing or draining from my anal area. I'm still somewhat swollen, still black and blue - but no draining. I just hope this burning and itching doesn't mean anything. You know, it almost feels as if I'm having spasms. I don't know. Sometimes, when I get depressed, I wonder if I'll ever have my life back.

I'm thinking that the drainage you're having is probably due to your infection, which should clear up, given enough time and antibiotics. Oh, I sympathize with you, for having to endure the antibiotics and their side effects. I just got off the Macrodantin (for my possible UTI), and I still feel like I'm having lingering side effects. --- Just hang in there! The main thing is that your infection is being treated -- and once you get it cleared up, you can then work on getting past the nasty side effects from the antibiotics. I know how you feel, though -- it's kind of "darned if you do, darned if you don't."

I'm thinking it's great that you can rest up in a hotel. I've been at home, since the day of my surgery (it was done on an out-patient basis) -- but, my husband has had a local care-at-home company send out a woman to help me here at home. She's been a godsend - helping me shower and keeping the surgical area clean, helping me with household chores, etc. In fact, I really have developed a fondness for her, and we've become friends. She's going to make the dress I'm going to wear for my son's wedding (it will be in November, this year). I want a retro dress - something with the lines of a '50s dress, an era I love. --- Anyhow, it's good that you've been able to rest in a hotel. Did I understand correctly that you've had to drive 6 hours to find a good crs? Well, if so, I get it -- I know how hard it is to find a good crs. My crs - Dr. B. - is the third crs that I've seen, here in our city - and I'm glad I found him, because the first two seemed clueless about all of this. Dr. B. really seems to understand this whole situation.

BTW, speaking of my family . . . I have five children - one is adopted - so I've given birth to four of them - all cesarean deliveries . . . and I can tell you, this fissure problem and subsequent surgery has been harder on me than any of my c-sections. Anyhow, my children are (in order) . . . Son #1 (33), son #2 (30), son #3 (25), daughter (23) - these four kids are from my first marriage - and then there is son #4 (12), from my second/current marriage. I had a miscarriage before ever having any children, and it was a heartbreaking experience. --- My youngest child is still at home, of course. He's in 7th grade and keeps us VERY busy.

That's just a little info about me, so that you have some kind of perspective of my life. I'm thinking that I could maybe put a "dummy" email address here, so that you could email me there, and I could then give you a different email. Or, I could try to send you a pm here - but I have yet to figure that out. I'm not even sure that's possible on this board. Or, we could just keep writing here. Whatever you're comfortable with is fine with me.

I know what you mean about strong water pressure in hotel bathrooms. It's a good thing you have your peri bottle, so that you (and your husband) can more thoroughly clean the area, especially after a bm. How are you doing with those, with regard to slowing down the Miralax? I hope you're having an easy time of things. --- I haven't had any problems, with regard to going . . . but I just hope this burning/itching doesn't mean I've disturbed anything down below. The thing is, it's so hard to know what is supposed to be normal and what is not. Digress, progress, digress, progress, digress . . .

I hope you're having a restful evening. I've had some soup and will eat some prunes later on . . . and pray.

Take care, DH, and I'll let you know how my doc visit goes. Please continue to keep me in your prayers - and I will do the same for you.

God bless!

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