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Re: Redundant Colon

Originally Posted by patriciaw123 View Post
I am a 57 year old female. Perfect weight, 5'6 128 pounds. However, I have a very BIG PROBLEM with my EXTREMELY REDUNDANT COLON. I went for a routine colonoscopy when I was 50 but the doctor woke me up immediately after starting the procedure. He said in over 10 thousand procedures, he has NEVER seen a more redundant colon. He then advised me to never attempt to have a colonoscopy again because if I do then most likely, my colon would be perforated or the camera would get stuck and have to be surgically removed.

Since this experience my Mother not knowing of my ordeal attempted to have a colonoscopy and her colon was perforated and she died a few days later of sepsis. (Perhaps this extremely redundant colon is hereditary?)

I had a barium enema several years ago and the technician had a very difficult time because the barium was stuck in several of my colon loops and would not flow through properly.

Because of my severely redundant bowel, I am on Miralax (one scoop a day)
and that keeps my bowels moving once a day or sometimes every other day. Without it, I would go for 15 days with no bowel movement and become very distended and ill.

I had a Virtual Colonoscopy a few years ago and had much difficulty with the prep. With much delayed reaction to the prep, my bowels did not start to empty out until a couple hours prior to the procedure, and when they finally started to move, I had numerous explosive movements and I ended up wearing a diaper to the hospital, still having explosive movements up to the time of the procedure. They almost would not do the procedure because, I was still expelling brown water.

I recently had been having heartburn so my general doctor ordered an upper GI. That procedure went well and the doctor immediately saw reflux, however, even though I am taking the Miralax daily, 9 FULL SIZE BOWEL MOVEMENTS LATER, and 7 DAYS LATER, is when the BARIUM showed up in my stools. That means that poop is taking several days to travel out of my body. Like a backed up train, waiting for one car to exit at a time.

I don't know what to do, if there is anything that can be done.... but I would sure like to be normal. I am also fearful that with the bowel taking so long to empty through my digestive tract, that I could end up with colon cancer.
I don't have a redundant colon but have suffered from chronic constipation all my life and I am almost 51. I don't if this will work for you but this is what I have been doing for almost a year now and I have a bowel movement everyday. I eat 25-35 grams a fiber a day, 64 oz. or more a day of water,Citrucell twice a day. I sit on the toilet for 30 minutes every day at the same time to have a bowel movement. I do slow deep breathing exercises continuously until I have a bowel movement. It actually helps relax the anal rectal muscles making it easier to pass the stool, To help me concentrate on the slow deep breathing I put on head phones and listen to a relaxing music CD. I can't allow myself to go more than 36- 48 hours without a bowel movement or I end up with hard stools and having to strain a lot to go at all and that hurts like crazy. I use glycerin suppository after 36 hours of not moving my bowels and that helps soften the stool so I don't have to strain and force the stool out. If that doesn't work then I take another suppository after 6 hours. I have found for myself that my poor diet and not enough water, and not taking the time each day to have a bowel movement is what causes my constipation most of the time. During the time I am having my period and take a lot of Advil for cramps just makes the constipation worse so then I have to make sure I move my bowels daily. I hope this can help you in some way. I found that if I sit on the toilet 20 minutes after getting up in the morning and taking my meds with lots of water or 20 minutes after I finish eating breakfast makes it easier to go because peristalsis kicks by then and it moves the stool down the colon faster.