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Re: Heart issues/sinus tachy


Yes my daughter had a holder monitor. It showed a slightly high mean rate of 89, a rate range of 45 to 185. Her heart rate has gone over 200bpm as well before (Doctor measured manually) - this was within a minute of exercising. The diagnosis is either mild form of IST or post viral syndrome (chronic fatigue syndrome as now been over 6 mths). Second cardio opinion was also more a chronic fatigue syndrome. I have taken my daughter to a chronic fatigue wellness coach and he has her on a 12 wk program - nutrition and graduated return to exercise. This seems to be working quite well. It is more strength training (no cardio) and lots of supplements - olive leaf extract etc. High protein diet and no junk or food with preservatives. I would definitely recommend looking outside the square as at least now I think we may be getting somewhere. My daughters symptoms ware worse for the first 3 months, now more up and down but seem to be improving. the beta blocker metaprolol 25 mg only slightly helped so I think i might wean her off. Very frustrating. Check out chronic fatigue as this can cause tachycardia as well as flu like symptoms