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Re: Any ideas? Please help me

I am really sorry to hear that you are having so many symptoms. I used to have horrible yeast infections, a lot of brain fog, and severe muscle tenderness. I finally went to an alternative M.D. She diagnosed me with dysbiosis, aka "leaky gut". Basically the balance between the good bacteria and the yeast in your body gets out of whack because of antibiotics, diet, etc. When this happens the good bacteria get killed and the yeast in your body takes over. The yeast releases toxins in your body that result in a myriad of symptoms.

I don't know that this is your problem, but it might be worth looking into. According to my doctor this is actually a very common problem, but is quite often overlooked and misdiagnosed. My doctor was able to help me a great deal just by having me start on a regimen of different supplements and changing my diet. I cut out processed foods, started eating grass-fed beef instead of corn-fed beef, cut out carbs (including whole wheat and rice), and tried to eat food that looked like exactly what it was. As far as supplements go, I now take magnesium, vitamin D3, B100 complex, selenium, an anti-fungal (right now it's grapefruit seed extract, you're supposed to change it every 6-8 weeks), a probiotic, and thryroid medication. I can't even explain the difference in my health.

I hope that you find an answer soon.