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Re: Weigh lose is Impossible it seems.

I was having a horrible time sleeping more then 3-4 hours at a time during the weight gain. The weight gain we surmised was due mainly to zero activity and eating more when I was always tired and sleeping all the time. That my oncologist said was due to the PolycythomiaVera. It will make you very fatigued.
I now can tell when I need a bleeding. My B/P rises and I get very tired. After a bleeding usually first thing in the morning I feel kind of crummy but the next 2 weeks look out I have plenty of energy. But after the two weeks I slowly get fatigued again. My Onc. says it's a domino effect, loose the weight, stay active and I should need less bleeding's.

I have combined the diet I lost the weight the first time 11 years ago (DR. Ornish) with a new book I'm reading by Timothy Ferriss and the weight seems to be coming off now. I was eating to little calories for starters which made my body think starving. It also says one day per week eat all you want. Been a bout three weeks and I have lost a total of 14 lbs and the strange thing is when loose it. I will usually on a Sunday eat more then usual and on Monday have a few pounds gained from over eating, then 2-3 days later that weight is gone with a few more and it seems to stay off. Go figure.

Thanks for the advise I will mentioning that the next time I go to the Dr.'s