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Re: Bacterial vaginosis - unsure of what to do next

Yeah, I was going to suggest the hydrogen peroxide douche. If you do that, make sure you follow it with a plain water or salt water douche, otherwise you'll end up very irritated.

I find it weird that the GYN is at a loss. I don't think a vaginal tissue sample will help. That's just not done. Your PCP certainly won't do it. I wonder if they performed a test in the lab to see what antibiotics will work. Usually they do, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Do you use antibacterial soap? Is that why your suggested that? It's not uncommon to have an overgrowth of group B strep in the vaginal area. They test and treat pregnant women all the time for GBS before delivery.

One thing I can suggest is a probiotic formulated for women, like Rephresh Pro-B or the brand Enzymatic Therapy Pearly (they have multiple formulations) or Jarrow Formulas Fem Dophilus, which has very good reviews. If you end up doing the hydrogen peroxide, you definitely need to use a probiotic afterward. Go to Amazon online and look around. If you take a few minutes to view products, you'll find some where women say it's the only thing that helped them.

For most medical problems, I believe that prescriptions can help, but BV seems to be one where women claim that the meds just don't help and the infections keep coming back. Alternative treatments seem to be the way to go.

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