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Question 40 year old with negative tests

Hi, I just read a posting from a 40 year old female with symptoms and no diagnosis.
Well, I am like that too. I am a 40 year old female who has had coming and going joint and muscle pains and some bad pain flares. My rheumy blood tests have come back negative.

My areas of concern are hands and wrist pains that come worst at night and morning. They tend to be milder in midday. Some mild swelling but nothing the doctor found notable. (Started seeing a rheumy).

I have had back and neck pains too, which have tended to be worse at night.

Today things are relatively mild. But I feel aching in my wrists and fingers if I type too hard. I feel traveling joint stuff in my hands and wrists at night, but lately not so bad. I take Tylenol which I think helps a bit.

Last week I made the bad mistake of picking up a heavy cat food bag at the grocery store, a large pack of beer (for my husband), and 3 12 packs of soda. Then my hands felt crushed for 4 days afterwards. I had to have my daughter do my house chores for me even though I took 3 advils 3 times a day and tylenol too. By the fifth day I felt much better.

In January I had my worst flare, which lasted a week, with many many active, shooting joint pains that made it difficult to sleep. Wrists, hands, back, ankles, everything. I tried a bunch of NSAIDS like nabumetone and mobic, which felt great for the pain but for some reason I couldn't sleep a wink when taking them.

My rheumy and primary care doctor both said that I likely have some inflammatory arthritis but don't fit any diagnosis category. Therefore I should just try to get by taking as little medication as possible.

Last month, after the bad flare in early January, problems have been milder. I got by just taking Tylenol most days. Then the flare last week and now things seem relatively mild again.

What's going on? Happy things are milder now, but I feel a bit like I'm walking on eggshells since I don't know when the next bad time will come.

Do most of you develop a consistent pattern over time? I'm not sure what mine is yet. I have had some times when my hands have been prominent, other times it has been my back/neck.

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