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Re: Another question about rash?

Hi. You could look for pics of the two SCLE rashes, in that they're the two most associated with anti-Ro. Only a doctor could say, of course, but if either look like your rash, that might be a head start.

Briefly, here's what I believe each SCLE looks like. The *annular* form starts as a red raised papules (like a juicy mosquito bite), then expands into targetlike circles, then expands further losing circularity. *Psoriasiform* looks like psoriasis, (but isn't). Neither tend to scar or depigment. Both tend to be extremely photosensitive (that would include tanning salons!).

Do you take meds for your Sjogren's? Have regular followup appts with some doctor OTHER than this rheumatologist? I believe anyone with one of these "close cousin" diseases should be monitored, like it or not!

Interesting: before Dx and Plaquenil, in addition to common lupus problems (pain, fatigue, etc.) and chronic GI misery, I got infections often: UTI's, also sinus & yeast infections. Also urinary stones occcasionally. And weirdly, I also had frequent urinary burning & urgency & pain even when I *didn't* test positive for a UTI.

Let us know how your appt. goes. Wishing you good luck. Best wishes, Vee