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Re: 4 Nodules and afraid of cancer!!!

First off sorry that you are going through all of this, I am still new to this but can totally understand your fears and not sure where to turn. It's scary, and not something that you hear a lot about, at least I know I didn't. I am 33, married with a 5 yr old and (2) 2year olds. My quick story is that I found a lump in my throat that was causing a choking feeling and was sent for a US, which showed a complex cyst 3.6 CM plus several other nodules on the left lobe and request for a needle biopsy to rule out Thyroid cancer.

Sent to a specialst and was told that there is only a 5% that it's cancer, but still 5%. Biopsy came back undetermined, which I find is very common. The ENT, I was seeing at that time gave me a choice of the wait and see or go in and remove the left lobe and send it to pathology if cancer is found while they are in there remove the whole thing. I opted for the surgery, I didn't want to wait and see, if it was cancer I wanted it out.

I had surgery on 12/27, after 4 hours in surgery pathology wasn't able to determine if there was any cancer cells, so the doctor closed me up leaving 1/2 thyroid intact. Went home the next day, 1 week later at my follow up appt, found out that I was in that 5%. Scheduled to have the remaining lobe removed. That surgery was done on 2/14, and no cancer was found in the right lobe or surrounding lymph nodes, Thank God!

Now you know where I am at, I can tell you what I've been told. There is a slim chance that there is any cancer, and it doesn't have to do with the size of the nodule. (My cancer was found in the small nodule). I don't know the reason of your still born, (very sorry about that though) my doctor has explained that if we want to have any more children, we can start trying 1 year after RAI treatment, and at TT shouldn't change that, so you still have hope.

I know that nothing I have said can calm your fears, I know I was in tears at a drop of hat because I didn't know what was going on. After finding support, research and great doctors I know that having thyroid cancer is not the end of the world, just another step.

Oh and the more I spoke out about it to family, friends and co-workers I found that in real life I wasn't alone, there are many people that are currently going thru or no someone close to them that is under treatment for thyroid cancer or have made it through to the other side.

If there is anything you would like to know please ask and I will try my best to answer what I can.

Good luck!