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Re: I want to get her pregnant!!!!!

I am a Grandma of a Teen parent .. my child is now 24.. when he finally came to me and told me he and his gf are pregnant -- the curled up into my lap crying! They had to grow up to fast .. and soon after another baby came ... they could not of made it without our help! -

IT was selfish of them to have sex at this time in their life and in our state Illegal -- Our son was younger .. we could of pressed charges on her and had her as a sex offender the rest of her life -- we would not of done this as we love her as our own!

They themselves tell kids all the time to grow up, get educated before you think about being this serious ..

and if your dating 3 months and having sex - unprotected ......... shows lots of irresponsibility .. Take the time to grow up yourself ..enjoy life ..learn from it .. babys are lots of work -- and beyond popular demand the state does not give you everything you need .....and often there are medical bills the state will not cover .. thus leaving this on the parents! Not to mention WIC and other sources do not cover all the childs food needs!!!

If you Love her .. Love her ENOUGH to make better decisions .. Love her enough to lay off the sex and learn to communicate without your bodies!