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Stomach pain after eating/loss of appetite

Sorry for the long post, I have never posted on this forum.

Last Friday (2/17) I was out of town with some friends and went out drinking. The next morning I woke up feeling a bit hungover but nowhere near being sick. Later in the day around 3-4pm I started vomiting and could not keep any food or water down/felt very weak. I was only able to eat a meal or two between Saturday Morning and Monday Morning.

Since then I have definitely suffered from a loss of appetite (have been eating a couple of meals/day. Every time I eat a decent sized meal my stomach begins to ache. It feels very gassy and after making myself burp a lot and about an hour or so passing my stomach starts to feel better. I took some chewable pepto bismal which didn't seem to help that much.

Yesterday I had to travel out of state for a job interview and definitely felt nauseous during the trip in the morning at the airport (I think it's because of lack of energy from not eating as much). This seems to affect me more during the early morning and at night before I go to bed.

I originally thought this was food poisoning of some sort because I have also woke up sweating multiple times since late last week. I just went to CVS and purchased some Pepcid Complete hoping this will help with my problem.

Any help would be really appreciate and if more information is needed I can definitely provide it. Fwiw, I have no history of heartburn, food allergies, or any of this sort of stuff. I am also a 23 year old male.

This could definitely be no big deal and go away soon, just a little worried as this has never happened to me before.


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