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Re: What Non-prescription Drugs Have You Found Effective??

I am 51 and had BP of 160/107 had a hypertensive crisis 1 month apart from amother one 185/115 and I did not want to do drugs therefore I am on the following natural products . Have been for 3 weeks . the readings are now 138/91 average. sometimes as high as 145/97
Smaller portions eat more often. Avoid all sugar due to potential insuline resistance if that is the case.
I take apple cidar vinegar 2 tbsp
hisbiscus tea 2x
detox with 1 tbsp lemon juice in tea

5,000 mg vit c
stress recue
omega 3 capsules 4-5 daily
Rhodiola for stress
Pomegrnate juice and beet juice
Virtuallly no salt
3 celery sticks daily
eat chicken fruit and vegetables no red meat or eggs
Do 2x 10 min deep breath meditation
stop thinking what if
stop complaining about anything
drink 8 glass water daily
avoid all restaurant foods other than salad witha slice of chicken

I hopeit will continue to decrease every one says its lifestyle decision.