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Re: is this a lifelong fight?

To a friendindeed,
Hi, so sorry to hear about what happened to you. I spoke with my Doc. and she explained that sometimes it is not a good idea to get hypnotized, many people with PTSD are so fragile emotionally that it could make things worse, remembering all the details and all. I not sure if I agree with her but now I am alittle scared to go there. She said that she would do hypnosis if thats what I want but again I have alot of thinking to do.
One reason is that I believe that I was abused as a child as well as an adult but I not sure. I have blanked out alot of my childhood because it was always in such termoil. My mother has passed but my Dad is still alive and I am afraid to ask him questions. There are bits and pecies I remember but for now that's about all I what to remember. I hope you get to feeling better, right now I am just hanging in there by my wits. Sometimes all I do is cry and I really don't know why. So that brings me around to do I or don't I what to remember.........Best wishes, Saddie

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