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Question Creating the healthiest diet for lazy people...


I have been eating a horrible diet lately and I'd like to make a complete 180 and try eating as healthy as possible. Food has never played a big part in my life, and I don't have any emotional attachments to food or meals. I simply eat when I'm hungry to keep myself from being hungry. With that said, I'm looking to create an ultimate "Healthy Diet for Lazy People". My idea was to basically create salads containing everything I need and just portion it out between 3 and 5 meals a day. What do you all think about this?

To keep various flavors from interacting with one another in bad ways I was thinking of making 3 different salads in large batches - the first being a veggie salad containing all of the healthiest veggies possible, the second being a fruit salad, and the third being a beans/grains/legumes/nuts salad. For the veggie salad I'm planning on just topping it with olive oil, and balsamic vinegar on the fruit salad. I plan on eating vegan both for the health benefits and also due to the fact that preparing meat is much more cost and effort than would be allowed by this lazy diet. The most preparing I want to do is soaking or boiling beans/legumes, etc.

Now with that said, I'm hoping to find some input on the best ingredients to make this the most balanced and healthy diet possible. Since I am a very large framed and active person my main concerns are making sure the diet will include enough protein and calcium. What would be the most important ingredients to include? How should the ratios be proportioned to one another? Any other input or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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