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Re: Abdominal Adhesions

I have had ahesion since 93 and had surgery for a tubal and found them and twice more after that, however the doctor will not do the surgery now and it appears I have adhesion of my left ovary and bladder and into the deep nerves causing the pain into my thigh. My doctor is choosing to the treat the pain since its increasing when I would ovulate and continues for a full three week period with one week where its tolerable with pain meds. I am on Estrogen Birth Control Bills (I just have ovaries) so I have not gone through metapause yet, using hot and cold compresses to the abdomin and most likely I may be put on some type of Antidepressant (for some reason it has a side affect that helps with the pain in these cases) or a narcotic pain pill for sleep at night. Like you my pain has prevented me from working since May 2010 and its in the left ovarian, bladder and into the lower left back area and doing things like raising my voice, laughing, sneezing, coughing, twisting, getting out of bed, standing up straight, just sitting and the pain is just aweful during the three weeks. I have applied for Social Security Disability so I will see how that goes but the more surgery you have the more adhesions happen. There is a new PT treatment called WURN you can try but my insurance won't cover it and frankly, if someone touches my stomach to massage it I will not be responsible for my reaction. Good Luck and you are not alone in this.

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