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Re: Chronic Uticaria Help!

I thought since no one else has I'd chime-in here. I take similar meds for chronic hives-- Zyrtec & Singulair. I also get a Epinephrine shot at my dermatologist's office once or twice a year when the pills don't seem to be working. All my symptoms are gone the following day. But the pills usually work.

I take 1 Zyrtec alone every day. I take 1 Singulair if the hives persist. I've found taking them both together at the same time works the best if the hives are particularly stubborn. So if that's the case I try to wait until its time (evening) for my Zyrtec and take the Singulair at the same time.

I've tried others like Allegra & Claratin but they don't work for me. If you are interested you can check out my thread on this at:

Here's hoping you find some relief.


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