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Re: how to stop thinking about her

Originally Posted by italnstallion99 View Post
The reason I am ending it is because I live here in the US and she lives in another country and it's not going to work.
I am not going to be calling her anymore and for now she is on my ******** block list.
I should have never allowed myself to get emotionally attached but even tho I am ending this I still think about her.
Sound like you are still emotionally attached to her, even though you tried to force yourself to NOT think about her. More likely you are 'love-sick?' If you really involved with her emotionally, it might be very tough for you to resolve this situation. Probably, you need more time, but your quote, 'a distance,' ... you live in the US and she lives in another country does not make any sense to me. Because, 'falling in love' is a very tough challenge and first off, hard to find 'true love.' Sorry, I can not offer an answer you're looking for.