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Re: vitamin D deficiency. does that explain my symptoms?

Originally Posted by Misty800 View Post

The magnesium I have been taking for many years is "magnesium oxide" current brand Nature Made, no gastrointestinal issues.

After a few weeks taking Vitamin D3 I noticed a difference, realized I was feeling better than I had been. Feeling bad apparently came on slowly and I did not realize how bad I really did feel for a long time. Now walking across the room is without much effort compared to before taking Vitamin D3.

In April I will have Vitamin D level checked again after taking 2,000IU daily for about a year.

My level did not go up 10 points per month. Only went up from 26 to 30 in 3 months while taking 1,000 of D3.
misty, so glad to hear you're doing so much better! and thanks for the perspective on how slowly your level has crept up...reminds me that i need to be patient! have you been able to try getting a healthy amount of sun? i just shared in another reply on this thread that a friend of mine who is a dietician said he recently heard an expert at a conference say that she is treating her clients with D deficiency almost exclusively with sunlight and having very good results compared to oral supplements.