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Re: Choosing a regimin that best fits me

i agree with jen. stress, inactivity, and a poor diet can impact or cause much of what you're experiencing -- fatigue, restlessness, lack of sex drive, memory issues. if you're not very active, you could experience GI issues as well...regular exercise = regular bowel movements.

one piece of advice i'd give you is to maybe not go gung-ho at the gym and with a new diet from day one...if you aren't used to regular exercise, you might want to start off with 20-30 minutes and build up to that hour you're aiming for. also, start with small changes in your diet. making small changes over a period of time will make you more likely to stick with your new routine. making too many changes at one time is often difficult and frustrating, and it's a key reason people give up on their healthy changes.

is there a counseling center at your university? i ask because you mentioned that you're taking zoloft and under a lot of stress. it would probably help to talk about your feelings and stressors either with a counselor or in a support group.

good luck, and feel better!