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tingling and strange sensations in my face so worried

Hi everyone,
About 2 months ago I started with a slight tickling sensation just under my left eye after about 2 weeks it progressed into a tingling sensation down the whole left cheek but mainly around my cheek bone area and outside corner of my eye, this happends everyday in varying degrees sometimes I only have it 5 or 6 times and its only mild but it can be countless times a day. The attacks last only a few seconds and it kind of feels like burning tingling, its not painful just annoying almost like when you scratch yourself and its like a very mild stinging feeling. Sometimes it feels like a tear is running down my face or a feather is attached to my eye lashes and it tickled my cheekbone when I blink. I've been backwards and forwards to the doctors and they arnt sure what it is they asume its some kind of neuralgia type thing. I'm being referred to a neurologist and waiting for my appointment to come through which I have been told could take a few weeks. The problem is I'm starting to have slight tingling on my right side of my face also and I'm absolutely terrified I might have something really serious wrong with me. Does any of these symptoms sound familier? Is it possible to have bells pausy without weakness?

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