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Wrist Pains

My wrist has been acting up and I wanted to see if anyone could share any ideas/advice. I was sitting in the back of an SUV, opened the floor, and fell onto the ground several years ago. My wrist was probably sprained after that. I never went to the doctor and it got better on its own by not using it and letting it rest. My wrists and ankles crack pretty often on their own, and I'll admit, I crack them myself at times too. One day I cracked my wrist and it started hurting some. Now it's gotten a bit worse. It isn't a constant pain at all and there is no swelling. It gets a sharp pain with certain movement or picking up something heavy. Even lifting my purse is too much for that wrist right now. I'm trying to determine what might be going on and what it most sounds like.

No bumps, swelling, redness whatsoever. The pain is sharper in nature and is on the side where my pinky is. Odd thing is, the pain randomly started moving over to my thumb side! This makes me think it could be something like tendonitis. I do work at a computer and type pretty often, and I use my cell phone a lot to look things up and text. It's my right hand and I'm right-handed. I did one of the common tendonitis tests (turning my hand down and twisting it one way) and ouch... that definitely is where it hurts. Is it common that tendonitis be mainly on one side but other sides get bothered too? I also feel like my wrists are not the strongest, because my left wrist gets a very mild version of this pain too, and my ankles get that feeling as well. I have some osteoarthritis in my back (I'm only 25 by the way) but no rheumatoid arthritis. I often lift dumbbells, but definitely not at all right now. I wonder if that slowly caused some issues too.

I am sure I will get replies saying to see a doctor... and I will definitely do so if this continues to bother me, but first I want to see how it does with a little time. I have had MANY doctors appointments for other issues over the past year and honestly, this comes second on my list since the other things are more debilitating. I have a wrist wrap to help give it some support, but I'm wondering if an actual splint would also be good in the meantime. I keep accidentally ending up in situations where I use that wrist and keep irritating it. I've never had more times when people ask me for help carrying things too... lol funny how that happens!

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