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Ongoing health issues - completely fed up!!!

Hello All,

First of all, many thanks for taking time to read up on my despair!! I am turning to this forum to see if anyone can help me or at least might have shared my problems and have had some form of diagnosis and treatment to counter act the issues I have been experiencing.

It started around 3 to 4 years ago around about the age of 23, I would be at work and my job involves visiting customers and constant intercation and meetings etc, and I would feel light headed, nausious and dizzy at times. The worst episode that I had was that I could not even walk in a straight line for the remainder of that day and had to leave work early.

Other symptoms that developed around the same time or soon after was constant tiredness, fatigue, the feeling of having an enlarged tongue, difficulty speaking and pronouncing some words, dry mouth, you name it I had it.. classic anxiety symtoms.

I managed to work out by myself that after drinking a cup of coffee I would immediately start to feel dizzy and nauseous, infact there was a direct relationship with drinking any caffienated drinks, so I stopped drinking them altogether. Even de-caffeinated tea and coffee after a couple of cups would start to make me feel nauseous. The doctors just said "well caffeine is bad for you so just stop drinking it" but I was never told as to why this all of a sudden started happening and having this intolernace for caffeine in general as I'd been drinking tea and coffee for years beforehand with no issues.

I sought further medical advice and I was tested for diabetes, thyroid function and any nasties in my blood but everything came back OK so I was left to my own devices again.

My health was still continually starting to deteriorate, I was now losing confidence both socially and at work and was starting to shy away from leaving the house in fear that I was going to sound stupid or not get my words out properly, my anxiety levels had increased and I would constantly feel light headed and dizzy in pressure situations, situations where I had never struggled in the past and confidence had never been an issue.

My doctor at this stage seems to think that it could be adrenal burnout and that I should just get on with life as normal and eventually the symptoms would disappear.

The plot thickens as two years into everything I was then admitted to hospital with an irregular heart beat, formal diagnosis of "Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation" To date, I have now had 4 episodes of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation with the last 3 occurances happening in the last 4 months with a gap of 18months between the first and the second occurance. Gulping cold water on the last 3 occasions seemed to trigger it with the first instance as a result of a big arguement with my ex partner.

I have recently had even more tests carried out to test the cardio function of my heart and to make sure that there is nothing physically at fault with my heart or anything in my bloods that could be causing it. All of the tests have come back clear and the doctors have said that my heart is fine. It could just be a rare case for someone of my age (27) that I have an electrical issue with my heart that is causing the AF to come about each time.

I have also been tested for blood pressure on a table tipper and they have said that I suceptable to fainting as I have a low blood pressure problem and poor circulation if standing still for long periods of time. I have been told to implement som elife sytle changes to counter act this.

So I'm back to square one again, not really sure what the underlying problem is and as for the AF, I beleive this is a knock on effect of an underlying issue that I was suffering from beforehand.

I am currently taking asprin and a beta blocker daily to lower my heart rate and protect my heart from any stress to minimise the risk of going into AF again.

I still do not feel great. I have issues with dizziness and general "feeling like crap" and receive regular heart flutters.

I personally think there is an underlying chemical imbalance which is causing the problems and AF is a by product of this. My in tolerance to caffeine is a strabge one as the doctor recommends that I take caffeine to help with my low blood pressure issues but then I'm taking a beta blocker which lowers my heart rate? I'm just really confused.

I have also made some life sytle changes since all of this, I've quit smoking, I eat healthier and drink more fluids, I exercise and try to keep fit and drink less alcohol and no caffeine.

If anyone can relate to what I am going through or can even better help me I would be so grateful!!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this.

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