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Re: Ulnar shortening

Hi ya. Just to let you know my op went well. I had 3.5mm of ulnar bone taken out. Dr said that the ulnar bone was too long and was making a hole in my cartridge which is why it was hurting all the time. Got to go back on the 8th march and have the cast off which has only got one side of cast the rest is bandage and a full cast put on.

Then have to go back in April to have an X-ray. I'm moderate pain. Wen I'm in bed I've got it resting on 2 pillows on both sides of my main pillow and wen I'm down stairs watching telly I've got it resting on a pillow. I've ordered another a better sling then the one I've got. The one I've got is crap and hurts my neck. The heaviness of the cast is making me have headache on the right hand side of my head. Lol.