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Re: LIS (Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy) Recovery

Originally Posted by DailyHope View Post
Hi Tweetums,

I am so sorry it has taken me this LONG to respond. I just went through a long tedious move and now have to move again within the next several months. I won't belabor my my moving problems though as that could be another very long post! I wanted to check in and see how your recovery is going? Are you able to walk around? Has the burning, itching stopped?

I am able to walk but feel very flushed at times, run a low grade temp on occaisions and still feel a bit of nausea that seems to be following me. The area feels better but is sore after a BM and I have discharge following a BM as well. I also have a wound down there on the outside that is swollen but the crs seems to think this is all very normal so I'm doing my best to not look too far into it. I guess each person will have different things to put up with!

I keep praying and thanking God for every little baby step I make and for just being there. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. When I have a little more time, I will set up a dummy email so we can maybe communicate via email? I am so envious that you have five children! I would love to hear more about the c-section experiences and adoption process. It may be a route that I will need to take someday. We would love to be blessed by children! I have had two non-viable pregnancies so far.... and hope this is a fluke! I feel like we have a lot to offer a child with a loving, warm home and supportive atmosphere. We're also super playful and laugh often.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, health and happiness!
Hi, DH -

I'm glad to hear from you. I was getting a bit worried, thinking maybe you had suffered a huge setback. Glad to hear you're alright.

I'm still swollen, too -- it's not nearly as big as it was . . . but for some reason, today it's been irritated, just kind of burning and aggravated. I'm so, soooo tired of this. Geez, our surgeries were a month ago - and though we're better, I would think we might be doing a little better than we seem to be doing.

I'm wondering if maybe my bms are too firm, at this point. Sorry, TMI, I know - and though my crs doesn't seem to think I can damage the area, I really wonder if I need to get back on the Miralax. I just might. --- I'm walking alright, for the most part, and I'm functioning alright -- but, I still have this discomfort that seems to be more troublesome today.

Ah, moving . . . I know all about it. My parents moved about 19 times in 30 years of marriage (my father was restless). My current hubs and I have had five, different houses in about 13 years of marriage. I hope we've finally landed in our permanent spot. I think we have. --- Anyhow, I totally sympathize with you about your moving.

I'll pray for God's best for you, with regard to your health and desire to start a family. Adoption is always an option -- I adopted my daughter after I already had three boys - and her adoption was an international adoption, and my first husband and I had to travel to So. America to go get her and finalize the adoption there. I'll tell you about that, sometime.

Anyway - I do hope you're on the mend. This type of surgery can be tough to get past -- at least, that's been my experience, thus far.

Take care, and please keep in touch, when you have some time. Have a lovely, painfree evening.

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