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Catheters, Oxy, and Dementia... oh my!

Below is a post on my dad's care page regarding yesterday's craziness. He had what I was told was a routine office visit. Come to find out they did a TUMT. I had to look that up but anyways, it requires a catheter for several days. It also generally involves some sort of anesthesia. Dad drove to the appointment and home. About 20 miles each way. I didn't know he needed someone there. So he calls me and reads me some paperwork about how to remove a catheter and is asking me when he should do that. I told him not to do anything and called the doctor's office. Yesterday, I was told by a nurse there that it is routine for patient's to remove their own catheter. Ummm...okay I guess if you don't have cognitive issues that would work out better. Today, I'm told that is not the case; rather, they have the patient come back into the office to have it removed. On top of all of this, they gave my dad oxycodone. That was removed last night by his neighbor as we were all concerned he might overdose. So that was my day with Dad yesterday.
Last night the calls from my siblings began. My sister saw my post on ******** regarding all of this so she called freaking out and talking lawsuit. Apparently, she promptly hung up with me and called my older brother. He called my dad and told him that the oxy was going to be removed then called me wanting to know why I didn't tell him all of this. I was stunned. I guess they really just don't realize how much I do all the time. If I called them every time something happened we would be on the phone a lot. But they made it clear that they wanted to be left to their own relationship with dad. So now everyone is calling me, everyone is upset, and I have to get the neighbor to go get the oxy. My older brother called me back after that happened, informed me I better call the doctor's office today and let him know what they said. If he didn't like their answer, he would call Dad's attorney and file a lawsuit. He ended the call, "Well, crisis averted. Talk to you tomorrow." REALLY??? What crisis does he think he averted? He got my dad all worked up last night, caused a lot of confusion, ****** me off, and just generally made a lot of stuff happen that was unnecessary. Anyways, I needed to vent.

Letter I posted on care page today:

Okay...first things first. Dad is fine this morning and was very relieved to be able to drive. Didn't seem any worse for the wear and his catheter seems to be working as it should. I was able to make an appointment for Dad at the Wewoka clinic for Thursday morning at 10am. He will have his catheter removed at that time, following his appointment with Dr. Chessler. I called the urologists office and asked to speak to the office manager. I was told she is out until tomorrow and left my name and both phone numbers. The lady that answered asked what was going on in case someone else could help. I gave her a brief overview of the issues and she put me on hold. She came back to tell me they were pulling Dad's chart and that she had spoken with a nurse who said Dad told them he had someone to drive him. We spoke a little and she put me on hold again. This time she said she spoke to a nurse and that nurse said Dad was not given demoral (which I guess is what they normally give a patient for this procedure) because he told them he didn't have anyone to drive him home. I pointed out to her that she had told me two different things in less than 5 minutes. She went on to tell me that Dad has an appointment they made for him at 0845 Thursday morning to remove the catheter. I informed her that I made that appointment after finding out he had the procedure. I also told her that the nurse yesterday said patients routinely remove the catheter themselves and that he had papers explaining about cutting the tube and removing the catheter. She said he must be confused (ummm, yeah) and that must be just a paper explaining how they will do it. I told her that it needs to be VERY clear that he has Alzheimer's and lives alone. When the need arises, there are people who can drive him to and from appointments and that if I had been told about this procedure, he would not have been alone. At the end of the call I told her that I would still like to speak to the office manager as I feel that Dad's safety was put at great risk yesterday and until that catheter comes out, he is still at risk. So now I wait to hear from her tomorrow. She has until 1pm my time to call or I will place a call back. If any of you have follow up questions, feel free to ask. I chose to give you all this information this way so I didn't have to repeat this story. Dad is not bowling today. He will meet with the doctor that diagnosed his dementia on Thursday morning and I hope to be able to speak with the doctor before, during, or after. Things are going downhill right now and I think the doctor needs to give us some guidance. My personal opinion is that Dad needs to move here this summer, if not before. These things are going to become more frequent and there are a million other things that could go wrong as well. Love, Lee
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