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Re: Catheters, Oxy, and Dementia...oh my!

Originally Posted by Keysey View Post
Below is a post on my dad's care page regarding yesterday's craziness. He had what I was told was a routine office visit. Come to find out they did a TUMT. I had to look that up but anyways, it requires a catheter for several days. These things are going to become more frequent and there are a million other things that could go wrong as well. Love, Lee
My FIL had this treatment (the microwave treatment to shrink the prostate) and he is fine now. This helped him a lot and so he does not need the catheter now (rarely). At that time, Apr-June/2010, my FIL had a bad time having catheter. First of all, he stopped urinating in the hospital. It turned out that he had enlarged prostate and a weak bladder.
So the whole thing started. Since there is no way for him to have a surgery like young or normal guys have (a guy with dementia cannot go through this surgery at all), my FIL had this treatment. My husband was asked by the urologist and my husband approved it. Well, now I know it worked, but back then it was horrible. During the whole process for 20 minutes, he was yelling and begging my husband to let him go. It was warm and had pressure "pain" and he failed to understand why. My FIL didn't know what was wrong anymore. As I recalled, he was told to take Tylenol if he has cramps.
So it was horrible. But if we didn't allow this microwave stuff, he would still have the catheter now and would be more miserable.

I guess your siblings are thinking that the doctor failed to ask for permission. But they asked your Dad and he said yes. I guess they felt he is still competent enough... Doesn't the doctor ask the POA or your brother for permission also?

It started from enlarged prostate. Not sure what happened to your Dad - what was his problem and etc. Yes, my FIL had 1 month of catheter and had cramps but now he is OK. Yes, it was like a nightmare.

No, this thing is not a routine, no, the patient cannot take it off. It has to be taken off by a skilled nurse. if he pulls it out by accident, he would get UTI. I am surprised this was done without any prior reasons or situations? Maybe your Dad failed to tell you guys? Your Dad cannot be alone now with the catheter because he may pull it out. Hire a caregiver to watch him now 24/7. My FIL had caregivers 24/7 back then.

Sorry that your family has to go through this.


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