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Re: Catheters, Oxy, and Dementia...oh my!

Just got off the phone with my older brother. Geez! Never hear from them and suddenly I can't get away from them. He wanted to know what happened today so I nicely told him to read the care page and then call me back with any follow up questions. He said he read it so I asked what he wanted to know. Well, he wants me to make sure I drive home the point that it was malpractice, and use the word lawsuit a lot tomorrow. I pointed out to him that I don't think it reached the level of malpractice and I would not threaten to sue. The whole point of making this call to the office manager is to make sure this doesn't happen in the future. I found an online complaint form to the Oklahoma State Medical Board. I haven't decided whether or not to use that.
I told my brother that from now on, Dad will have someone at his appointments. Thanks for the advice.
My older brother mentioned the oxy again and I said that as far as I knew he only took the pill my older brother told me about. He had the audacity to say I told him Dad took it. So I swept it aside and moved on. They are driving me NUTS!!
My sister and my older brother both have knee issues. My sister must have 2 knee replacements this summer and my brother, sometime in the next 15 years. More reason for Dad to come here.
Oh boy! I got what I wished for...sibling involvement. Now I am kicking myself. They are 2 years behind me in the dementia realization and it's making things tough.
Dad sounded great when I talked to him tonight. Still confused about the catheter but hopefully, he will be okay until tomorrow morning. He thanked me for taking care of all these things for him and said he is lucky to have me. I told him luck has nothing to do with it. Love does.
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