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Re: My 7-month old frequently scratches at table tops, etc.

Originally Posted by DHO DAD View Post
Hi. I have a 7 month old son. At about 5 months he started lightly scratching at table tops, his mattress, his toys, etc. He uses his left hand more than his right for this. At first we thought it was cute ("something he could do") but it has continued. He does this frequently, though not all the time. But it seems unusual. Also, at about 6 months old he also started kicking his left leg fairly frequently. He also kicks the right leg, but more often it is the left. Again, at first we thought it was just exercising his muscles and exerting some motor control, but it seems to happen more frequently than we would expect.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so what steps did you take?
my baby did this and still does and she is just fine. She is almost a year old. Babys scratch at things ANYTHING and they just kick their legs. Its just want babys do it will be okay daddy!!