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Re: Clogged Ears from Sphenoid sinus

I'm not sure if I have Sphenoid sinus, but I do experience periods of what I can only say sounds like I'm talking through a tunnel. My ear (left only) will start to feel weird usually in the morning, and within an hour, when I talk it feels like I'm in a tunnel. Those I'm talking to don't say I sound funny, so it's got to be just in my head. Several years ago I went to a couple of ENTs that did all sorts of hearing tests on me, put a probe up my nose, etc., etc. They found nothing concrete that they could use as a diagnosis. My regular doc said try taking Sudafed every morning. That does seem to help after awhile, but I really hate using any sort of OTC meds every day. He said he thinks I have fluid in my ear canal and that is what is causing the problem. I do use a nedi pot every couple of days (I heard it's not good to use those every day), and that helps to clear the sinuses a bit, but it doesn't keep this condition at bay. It is worse in the warmer/moister weather. For example, I went to FL for a month, and after two days being there, the problem started again. I live in the NE, and it is always alot worse during the summer months. What exactly is Sphenoid sinus???